What we do

Big Data Analytics & Digital Technology

what1Together with APG Global Network and its technology partners Anjuna has access to historical sales & marketing data by country and region down to the agent level, distribution data as well as both historical and forward looking data on passenger traffic flows per country, city-pairs, etc.

Taking into account our digital technology and big data analytics capabilities as well as our intricate knowledge of e-commerce and digital marketing processes and methodologies we’re able to correlate the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns with the impact on actual sales on a continuous basis. We also compare BSP and flown revenue sales and estimate what flown revenue will look like in the future based on historical BSP sale trends.

Our clients have online password protected access to a continuously updated bespoke KPI dashboard via our website. In comparison to weekly or monthly reports (PUSH) we enable our customers to have access to the most up-to- date data analysis whenever they need it independent of time or location (PULL). Dashboards are fully proprietary and customized according to every clients needs and requirements.


Account Management

As Anjuna we’re all about our clients’ needs, delivering to solutions to these and measuring performance based on data – may it be to increase market share for our clients whilst reducing distribution costs, designing and implementing bespoke marketing campaigns or developing tactical pricing broken down by channel based on seasonal trends, etc.
Our clients benefit from our innovative and results oriented culture in various ways. In terms of increasing sales, we:

  • explore new revenue channel opportunities with innovative partners, e.g. educational tour providers, incentive houses, loyalty programs,
  • devise holistic sales plans based on market analytics and multi-channel data,
  • drive market share from traditional channels to e-commerce / direct sales for our clients and
  • leverage our APG Global Network to develop and manage relationships across all core trade and consumer channels, e.g. TAs, TMCs, OTAs, leisure, VFR, consolidators and wholesalers.

With respect to marketing we develop a holistic strategy on how to best utilize the available budget to maximize our clients brand impact by

  • leveraging our and our partners digital marketing expertise with respect to, e.g. social media, webinars, electronic direct marketing,
  • heavily engaging coop advertising and sponsorship opportunities in order to drive benefit from cost efficiencies for our clients and
  • identifying key stakeholders in different verticals/markets and tailoring custom advertising campaigns broken down by our clients’ gateways.

At Anjuna we define and commit to performance KPIs defined in alignment to our clients’ strategy and pro-actively monitor performance against these. We strive for working within frameworks of incentivized partnerships where we share in the success but also take on risk with our customers instead of the traditional model of transactional exchanges only.


We provide cost-effective turn-key call center support by developing detailed graphical work flow diagrams together with the client to ensure all operational aspects are mapped against owners, departments, locations and desired output.

Anjuna’s state of the art Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system enables us to provide cost-effective 24/7 telephone support including airport assistance for reservations and ticketing, upgrade, baggage etc. including GDS bridging capability between Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. Our call centre is staffed with full time personnel distributed across two locations globally – Los Angeles and Sydney.

In addition, we provide multi-lingual support in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, French, Portuguese, Arabic, German, Thai and Spanish.

Our operations team is fully proficient in Amadeus, Sabre, Travelsky and Travelport global distribution systems.